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MOM! I HAD A NIGHTMARE! Open Edition by Aeforia’s Dad

Released Mar 30, 2022

For most of us, the protection and comfort we seek in the middle of the night, when ghosts and unmentionable creatures haunt our minds is matriarchal.

I can recall waking my mom because of my peculiar nightmares that would continue to haunt me for years. My worst nightmare was in high school when I lost my 20/30/20 combination for my locker near the ice rink. The reoccurring nightmare is still present today, even after so many years, and has birthed the idea to gather a group of wonderful artists to join me in vulnerability to share with the entire world their deepest, darkest nightmares.

I realize that some of the pieces depicting nightmares you will discover today go beyond uncomfortable situations. For some, they can be winter and for others can be war. Nightmares open a vast gateway to the unedited subconscious; allowing us to peel back the layers without the filtering ego.

I am honored to present today a crew of legends, whom I had fun creating with.

Enjoy this drop and hopefully you will be able to sleep tonight.

About the Collection

This collection opens on March 30th at 6:30pm ET.
It features 11 drawings, 1 ranked auction and 1 open edition.

The drawings will take place for 23.5 hours, starting at 6:30pm ET and will transition to First-Come-First-Serve afterwards if any editions remain
The ranked auction will take place for 1 hour, starting at 6:30pm ET
The open edition will be available for 15 minutes, starting at 7pm ET

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