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The Journey Open Edition by Fabio Giampietro

Released May 26, 2022

After the success of the immersive experience “The Lift” in co-production with Valuart, which can still be visited today at the Digital Culture Center MEET in Milan and soon also worldwide, Fabio Giampietro invites us to take on yet another voyage through the senses with “The Journey”. But this time, it will be an intergalactic one, driven by the contemplation of the universe. The universe, that in all its cosmic mystery, has such a nature that makes our life possible….combined with technology, also central to human life and evolution.

As collectors embark on "The Journey" this universe will become a Metaverse to explore, characterized by a strong artistic gamified approach. Today’s collectors will in fact be rewarded on different levels with airdrops and gain access to exclusive spaceways leading to new interactive art-drenched worlds.

This drop focuses on the first two planets: Orygeia, an Earth-like planet, entryway to the Metaverse and
Eutropia, a titan planet entirely built on a fluid watery surface, where satellites determine frequent tides and huge tsunamis of cities.

The second planet Eutropia is obtainable only to collectors of the limited-edition NFT "Tales of Eutropia", an artwork portraying the painted landscape of the planet as it is hit by a tsunami.

All collectors will be rewarded on different levels with airdrops and access to new exclusive routes. This is only the very beginning of “The Journey”, the first act of a bigger picture. Phase two will be focused on Trayan, a Saturn-shaped planet ruled by the physics of the Air element whose rings were used as spaceports and so named after the biggest harbor of the Ancient times.

“I am building a galaxy. A journey that starts from the breaking down of the barriers of the traditional art world towards a digital universe. In a distant future the human race, after having colonized the entire galaxy, disappears. Nature regains its power by transforming the landscapes of obsolete buildings left by men” - Fabio Giampietro

About the Collection

This collection opens on May 26th at 6:30pm ET.
It features 1 ranked auction, 1 drawing and 1 open edition.

The open edition will be available for 30 minutes, starting at 6:30pm ET (multiple purchases allowed).
The ranked auction will take place for 90 minutes, starting at 6:30pm ET.
The drawing will take place for 15 minutes, starting at 7:15pm ET (open only to collectors of the open edition)

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Should you encounter any issues during entry or purchasing, please contact our support team immediately.

Special Reward Opportunity for Select Ranked Auction Winners

All winning bids of $1,000 or higher will be airdropped one (1) Eutropia Planet NFT which can be previewed here.



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